The Bermuda Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, located at 41 King Street, Hamilton, is the unit of church organization comprising the territory of the Bermuda islands, and forming part of the Atlantic Union Conference, which in turn is part of the North American Division. The conference consists of eleven churches and one company located throughout the island, from Somerset to St. George’s, having a membership of 3939. There are ten ministers, and two conference Bible instructors. We own and operate Bermuda Institute, an accredited K- 12 educational facility. Thirty-nine teachers and staff are employed at the school. The Seventh-day Adventist organization operates the largest parochial system of education in the world.

The Bermuda Mission was fully organized in 1959 and incorporated by an act of the Bermuda Parliament in 1960. In May of 1986 the Bermuda Mission officially became the Bermuda Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. There are three administrative officers President, Executive Secretary and Treasurer and other departmental directors that are voted by the constituents every quadrennium.

Church Development

The work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church began in the early 1890s when Marshall Enoch and his wife emigrated from Nova Scotia, Canada. Around the same time two brothers, Frank and Marquis Pogue, came from Minnesota in the United States to work as literature evangelists. The first Bermudians who were converted to Adventism were the R.T. Munroe family. In 1895 when Marshall Enoch heard of the Munroe family he arranged to hold weekly services in their home. From this first Adventist family came a minister of the gospel, several missionaries, Bible instructors and nurses.

The first Adventist minister sent to Bermuda was J. W. Bartlett, who organized a company in Hamilton on March 16, 1901. The first little church was built on Curving Avenue during the pastorate of J. A. Morrow. Presently the Hamilton church is located on King Street and was dedicated in 1949. The Hamilton church has served as an evangelistic center and has been an important growth factor in the development of the Adventist work in these islands.

The second congregation met in Southampton parish. They erected a church on land near Jews Bay that was donated by Profirio Gomez. This small building was later enlarged and became the forerunner of the present Adventist school, Bermuda Institute. This building was eventually sold after the congregation moved to a much larger building completed in 1961 and dedicated in 1964.

A third church was organized in 1935 in St. George’s, the first town settled in Bermuda back in the seventeenth-century. The members met in rented quarters until 1954 when they purchased the historic Cooper Estate on Duke of York Street. The St. Georges congregation worshipped in this building until 1984, when they moved into a large edifice on Secretary Road.

The other eight churches all grew out of these first three churches.

Bermuda Churches Map

The Seventh-day Adventist Church believes strongly in strengthening the society, supporting the family, and serving our community. Over the years radio and television have led the way by providing educational and inspirational programming such as Voice of Prophecy, Maranatha, Breath of Life, It is Written, Christian Lifestyle, and other media productions which have been instrumental in making Bermuda a better place. ATV (Adventist Television) aims to continue this rich tradition by placing wholesome Christian values in the context of Bermudian culture.

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